Template T&C's

The team at AJStudio, create templates for our customers to choose from before creating there website, this is to give our clients a better understanding of what the final design will look like. Almost anything can be changed to your template, we only display them as a guidance, giving us a base to our clients website.. Please see bellow.

Once you have chosen your template out of our catalogue, we will then meet your requirements and work closely with you to complete and personalise the rest of the website.  

What can be customised on your selected template:

  • Menu Page Links - Each, individual webpage link, can all be changed to your choice, if you want more webpages than displayed on your chosen website, please contact us and we will arrange this.
  • Text - Any text on the template (excluding. 2012 Copyright AJStudio), can be changed, edited, or removed to meet your requirements, including text on images.
  • Colour - All text font, style & colour,. can be changed. Banners, and page themes can also be changed.
  • Pictures - Any pictures can be changed to your own requirements, however, we can not always guarantee this.

After your website has been created, your chosen template will be removed from are catalogue and will not be sold again, none of our customers will have the same template as you. Your completed website will be displayed on our portfolio for viewing only.

All websites & graphics are created by our team at AJStudios, and do not contain any copyright material.

Please contact us for more information.